Jack’s New Home

Jack’s New Home: Brymar’s Slumberjack

You know, as a breeder, we are are always looking for the best of homes to place our puppies in.  Amanda Thornton and her fiance Michael have really been the best you could ask for.  Amanda has done a great job with Jack.  She has done all the right thigs a new owner should do.  She has taken the time to socialize him so he matures in to a managable companion and family member.  I think Jack won almost every field trial stake he had been entered in and although he did not win at the Nationals this past year, he represented himself quite well.  Chally and Jack were braced together for the derby and although neither ran as well as we have seen them run in the recent past, one of the most spectacular scenes unfolded that you could only wish someone had a camera for.  Jack was out front and made a sharp right turn at a grove of trees imediately locking down on a very stylish point…right behind turn Chally and almost just as quickly slams a back.  If I had only had my camera!  It was a perfect point and a perfect natural back between litter mate brother and sister.

I really want to thank Amanda and Michael for coming out to the nationals this year and for all they have done with Jack.  Seemed like everyone had advice to offer them when they were there and I know they were a little overwhelmed with folks telling them what they thought.  I for one just loved the non dismount water technique.  Seriously though it is awesome to see the determination and dedication that this young couple has to do it all themselves.  Most of all….I appreciate the love and affection that is so evident they give to Jack.  I really hope you guys stick with it and keep up the great work.

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